JK590BC Crawler DTH Drill Rig

Technical Specifications: JK590BC

Power: Yuchai 70KW/Cummins 74KW (optional)

Drilling Diameter: 90-165 mm

Drilling Depth: 50 m

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JK590BC drill rig (Euro 2)is mainly used for hydro-power engineering, open pit mining, road construction, drilling and blasting operation of national defense engineering.


JK590BC crawler drill rig has better performance than the previous generation: fully optimized structure, lower drilling footage cost, more user-friendly design. The diesel engine (electric motor)-hydraulic oil pump set is used as the power unit, and the hydraulic motor realizes the auxiliary movements such as drilling, feeding, lifting, walking and hydraulic cylinder positioning.

Technical Parameters

Model JK590BC
Borehole diameter 90-165mm
Borehole depth 50m
Applicable rock hardness f=6-20
Working air pressure 1.2-2.4MPa
Air consumption 11-21m³/min
Feeding stroke 4138mm
Rod-changing length 3m
Max. horizontal drilling height 3370
Rotation rate 0-80rpm
Rotation torque 3000Nm
Walking speed 2Km/h, 3Km/h
Grade ability 24°
Power Yuchai 70KW/Cummins 74KW (optional)
Electric motor 45KW
Dust collector (optional) Hydraulic dry dust collector
Wet dust collector
Dimension (LxWxH) 7000mm x 2200mm x 2100mm
Weight 7500kg
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