KJ321-CYTJ45/2 Hydraulic Tunneling Drilling Rig

Model: KJ321-CYTJ45/2

Climbing capacity: ≤14°

Operating range: 3×4-7.3×6.5 m²

   4×4-8.7×7.8 m²

   4×4-11.5×9.2 m²

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The KJ321-CYTJ45/2 hydraulic tunneling drilling rig is suitably qualified for the drilling of tunnels whose section falls in the range of 12-45 square meters, capable of drilling the blast hole and rock bolting in a vertical, inclined and horizontal way.


  • The drilling rig is fitted with the flexible boom in two symmetric rectangular coordinates, without any operation blind spot. 360°rotation and self-leveling beam make drill positioning easy; it can also be used for the drilling of lateral cross-cut and rock bolting.
  • The drilling rig provides a good view for the operator; balanced layout and the articulated chassis of four-wheel drive ensure the flexible, fast and safe driving in the narrow tunnel;
  • The stepped piston is used for the high-frequency impacting rock drill and this can improve the transmission efficiency of impact wave and drilling speed and reduce the consumption of drilling tools and make it in good condition;
  • Considerable space and automatic functions enable the driver to concentrate on drilling in a safe, fast and accurate manner;
  • All the relevant parts are kept in good protection, meanwhile maintenance easily.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Dimensions and weight Air & water system
Length 12000mm Air compressor 1*JN11 Oil Consumption of lubrication 2×180-250g/h
Width 2160mm Capacity of air compressor 1.55m³/min
Height 2500/3300mm Pressure 8bar Power of water pump 7.5kW
Weight Appr. 22000㎏ Device of shank lubrication Electronic pulse lubrication pump
Tramming speed on flat ground 10km/h
Air consumption of lubrication 2×0.3m³/min Capacity of water pump 10m3/h
Maximum climbing capacity 25%(14°)
Safety protection Diesel engine Cummins QSB3.9-C125/
Parking braking Mechanical brake
Noise level <100dB(A) Exhaust purification Exhaust catalyst
Lifting safety roof Meet the requirements of FOPS and ROPS Drive system Hydraulic torque converter+gearbox Travelling braking Wet bridge brake
Fuel tank 120L
Drilling system Electric hydraulic power unit
Rock drill 2×HC50 2×HC95LMW/RD 22U Motor 2×45kW              2×75kW
Rod size R38 /T38 Impact /Feed/ Positioning Axial variable displacement piston pump
Impact power 13kW 21kW/22kW Rotation Gear pump
Impact Frequency 62Hz 62Hz/ 53Hz Filter fineness 10µ
Hole diameter Φ32-76mm Φ42-102mm Hydraulic oil tank 400L
Beam rotation 360° Hydraulic cooler Water cooler
Feed extension 1600mm Working voltage 380V
Model of drill boom K 26F Frequency 50Hz
Form of drill boom Self-leveling Starting method Star-triangle
Boom extension 1200mm Cable specifications 3×70+3G16 3×120+3G25
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