KW180R Water Well Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications: KW180R

Equipped Engine: Quanchai 55Kw/2200rpm

Drilling Diameter: 140-254mm

Drilling Depth: 180m

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KW180R water well drill rig the drilling diameter is 140-254mm and the drilling depth can reach to 180 meters, which can meet most of the farming or construction water well requirement, besides, the KW180R has a Small size, light weight, flexible movement, convenient transportation, etc.

Normally the KW180R Water well equipped with Rubber Crawler, but if you need the steel crawler rather than the rubber one, we also can change it according to your requirements, but please note, that the different crawler type has the different prices.


  • Equipped with 55KW Quanchai brand turbocharged engine, strong power.
  • Patented design composite boom, double cylinder lift, long stroke, large tonnage.
  • The main boom of each rig is equipped with a stopper to protect the cylinder.
  • Drilling machine chassis: professional excavator chassis ,durable,heavy bearing capacity,wide chain plate, less damage to hard road.

Technical Parameters

Model KW180R
Drilling depth 180m
Dia.hole φ140-254mm
Advance Length one time 3m
Working pressure 1.7-2.5MPa
Air consumption 15-27m³/min
Length of rod 1.5m,2m,3m
Dia. Of rod φ76, φ89,φ102
Lifting power 10T
Rotation torque 4200-5600N.m
Rotation Speed 40-70r/min
Diesel Engine Quanchai
Engine Power 55Kw/2200rpm
Travelling speed 0-2.5 Km/h
Climb capacity 30°
Weight 5000kgs
Dimension 3800x1500x2200mm
Application Complicated geological conditions:Rock,Mud,Sand etc.
Drilling Way Top drive hydraulic rotary and propulsion,Dth Drilling or Mud Pump Driling
Dth Hammer 4",5",6",8" Drill hammer or CIR110, 130, 150,170
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