LGCY Single-Stage Diesel Screw Type Air Compressor


LGCY series diesel screw air compressor is widely applied in industries like road, railway, mining, water conservancy project, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy and military project. KAISHAN single-stage screw compressor is efficient and durable, and comes in a complete variety.

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Diesel portable screw air compressor is widely applied in the industries, such as road, railway, mine, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy and war industry, etc.
Kaishan-Brand diesel portable screw air compressor is efficient and reliable, with complete varieties. Its power range is 37 - 300KW; discharge quantity covers 30m³/min and the discharge pressure is up to 2.2MPa at maximum.


Single-stage compression portable diesel screw air compressor has the following characteristics:

1. Main engine

Patent lines large-diameter rotor design is adopted. The main engine is directly connected with the diesel engine through the high-elastic coupling, without overdrive gear.The revolving speed of main engine is consistent with that of diesel engine, so that higher efficiency, more reliability and longer service lift can be achieved.

2. Select domestic and international famous brand diesel engine

Such as, Commins and Yuchai, with strong power, low fuel consumption, perfect after-sales service system so that the user can obtain quick and perfect service.

3. Air flow control system is simple and reliable

It conducts 0 - 100% of automatic adjustment for the air inflow according to air consumption volume, and automatically adjusts the accelerator of the diesel engine to save the diesel at the maximum degree at the same time.

4. The operation parameters

Such as, discharge pressure, discharge temperature of microcomputer intelligent monitoring air compressor and rotate speed, oil pressure, water temperature of the diesel engine as well as liquid level of oil tank, have automatic alarm and stop protection function.

5. Multi-stage air filter is suitable for working environment with much dust

Multi-stage fuel filter is suitable for current situation of domestic oil quality.
Super-large oil and water cooler is suitable for high-temperature and altitude environment.

6. The parts of spacious maintenance door required to be maintained are within accessible range

It is easy and convenient to maintain air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery and oil cooler, reducing the shutdown time.

7. It is convenient to move and it can be moveable flexibly under abominable topographic condition

Each compressor is equipped with rings, which are used for safely and conveniently lifting and transporting.

Technical parameter of LGCY Single-Stage Diesel Screw Type Air Compressor

Model Working pressure Capacity Diesel Engine model Weight
bar psi m³/min cfm kg
LGCY-6/7X 7 101 6 214 Xichai 75HP 1400
LGCY-7.5/7X 7 101 7.5 268 Xichai 75HP
LGCY-9/7 7 101 9 321 Yuchai 120HP 1550
LGCY-12/10K 12 174 10 360 Cummins 160HP 1880
LGCY-12/10 12 145 10 360 Yuchai 160HP
LGCY-10/13 13 188 10 357 Yuchai 160HP
LGCY-18/17 17 246 18 643 Yuchai 260HP 3400
LGCY-18/17K 17 246 18 643 Cummins 260HP
LGCY-27/10 10 145 27 964 Yuchai 340HP 5000
LGCY-27/10K 10 145 27 964 Cummins 325HP
LGCY-32/10 10 145 32 1143 Yuchai 400HP
LGCY-32/10K 10 145 32 1143 Cummins 360HP
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