KS150R Water Well Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications: KS150R

Equipped Engine: Yunnei 42Kw

Drilling Diameter: 130-219mm

Drilling Depth: 150m

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The drilling rig is used for deepwater well engineering of various industrial and mining enterprises, domestic water wells, farmland irrigation and various types of ground temperature air conditioning and other well construction projects.

The drilling rig can also use the casing to follow the wall forming process to drill water wells, which can adapt to various The geological layer is small in size, simple in operation, advanced in technology, convenient and flexible to use.


  • Excavator crawler chassis with strong off-road performance.
  • The independent module design allows the rig to be mounted on the truck for increased maneuverability.
  • Two-speed swing and propulsion speeds are available for different piercing needs in soil and rock formations.
  • The combined positioner can adjust and replace the positioning plate according to different types of drill pipe and impactor to ensure accurate and reliable positioning and centering.
  • The hoisting mechanism facilitates the lifting of the drill pipe and the impactor, reducing labor intensity

Technical parameter

Model(Crawler Type) KS150R (Rubber Chain )
Weight (kg) 4000
Dimenstion (mm) 4000*1500*2150
Drilling Hole Diameter (mm) 130-219
Drilling Depth(m) 150
Feed Stroke(mm) 3000
Travelling Speed(km/h) 2
Climb Capacity (max) 25°
Ground Clearance (mm) 250
Working Pressure(Mpa) 1.45-2.5
Air Consumption(m³/min) 15-27
Power(kw) 42KW
Brand of Diesel engine  Yunnei
Rotation Speed(rpm) 38-55
Rotation Torque(Nm) 4000-5000

(High hydraulic support leg and winch are optional)

Recommend spare parts for KS150R

Drill bit diameter  110-205mm
Drill pipe Diameter*Length  76/89*3000
Drill hammer  HD45 / HD55 / HD65

Recommend portable diesel screw air compressor

LGCY-15/13 / LGCY-18/17 / LGCY-650/18T KSCY-580/17 / KSCY-550/13 KSZJ-18/17

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