KJ211-CYTJ45(C) Hydraulic Tunneling Drilling Rig

Model: KJ311-CYTJ45(C)

Climbing capacity: ≤14°

Operating range: 2.6×2.6-5×4.2 m²

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KJ211-CYTJ45(C) hydraulic tunneling drilling rig used for mining preparations and tunneling, it is an independent working drill rig. It can be used for drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal blast hole, suitable for the hard-rock of any section in the range of 7-25m2.


  • The firm flexible boom is capable of optical coverage of the section; 360° rotation and self-leveling beam make drill positioning easy;
  • The boom can also be used for the drilling of lateral cross-cut and rock bolting;
  • The drill rig provides a good view for the operator;
  • Balanced layout and the articulated chassis of four-wheel drive ensure the flexible, fast and safe driving in the narrow tunnel;
  • The stepped piston is used for the high-frequency impacting rock drill and this can improve the transmission efficiency of impact wave and drilling speed and reduce the consumption of drilling tools and make it in good condition;
  • Considerable space and automatic functions enable the driver to concentrate on drilling in a safe, fast and accurate manner;
  • All the relevant parts are kept in good protection, meanwhile maintenance easily.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Dimensions and weight Air & water system
Length 11150mm Air compressor 1*JN5.5 Oil Consumption of lubrication 180-250g/h
Width 1600mm Capacity of air compressor 0.75m³/min
Height 1850/2650mm Pressure 6-8bar Power of water pump 1.5kW 4kW
Weight Appr. 11000㎏ Device of shank lubrication Electronic pulse lubrication pump
Tramming speed on flat ground 10km/h Air consumption of lubrication 0.3m³/min Capacity of water pump 3m3/h 6m3/h
Maximum climbing capacity 25%(14°) Chassis
Safety protection Diesel engine Cummins QSB3.9-C80-31
Tires 300-15
Noise level <100dB(A) Exhaust purification Exhaust catalyst Steering mechanism Articulated steering: ±35°
Lifting safety roof Meet the requirements of FOPS and ROPS Drive system Closed hydraulic system for four-wheel driving Parking braking Wet multidisc brake of reducer
    Swing angle Swing of rear axle: ±6° Travelling braking Hydrostatic braking
        Fuel tank 30L
Drilling system Electric hydraulic power unit
Rock drill HC50 HC95LMW/RD 18U HC95LMH/RD 22U Motor 45kW 55kW 75kW
Rod size R38 / T38 Impact /Feed/ Positioning Axial variable displacement piston pump
Impact power 13kW 20kW/18kW 21kW/22kW Rotation Gear pump
Impact Frequency 62Hz 62Hz/57Hz 62Hz/53Hz Filter fineness 10µ
Hole diameter Φ32-76mm Φ42-102mm Φ42-102mm Hydraulic oil tank 240L
Beam rotation 360° Hydraulic cooler Water cooler
Feed extension 1600mm Working voltage 380V
Model of drill boom K 22 Frequency 50Hz
Form of drill boom Self-leveling Starting method Star-triangle
Boom extension 800mm Cable specifications 3×35+3G6 3×50+3G10


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