KW300 Water Well Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications: KW300

Equipped Engine: Yuchai 85KW

Drilling Diameter: 140-325mm

Drilling Depth: 300m

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KW300 multifunctional drilling equipment is mainly suitable for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells and other wells, especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous areas and rock formations. 


The efficiency is ten times higher than that of traditional rotary drilling rigs, and the economic benefits created for users are extremely considerable. In particular, it solves the difficulty of air DTH hammer drilling into the soil layer, and solves the construction problem of the rotary drilling rig in the hard rock layer, gravel layer, and pebble layer. It can work efficiently under various geological structures and realize the perfect combination of water drill and air drill.

Technical Parameter

Model  KW300
Drilling depth 300m
The hole diameter Φ140--325mm
One-time advance length 3.3/4.8m
Working pressure 17-30bar
Air consumption 17-36m³/min
Drilling pipe length 1.5m 2m 3m
Drill pipe diameter Φ76,Φ89 ,φ102mm
Rig lifting force 18T
Hoisting force of winch 2T
Swing torque 5700-7500N.m
Swing speed 40-70r/min
The penetration efficiency 15-35m/h
High leg stroke 1.4m
The engine brand Yuchai
Equipped capacitor 85KW
Walking speed 0-2.5 Km/h
Climbing angles 30°
The weight 7.2T
Dimension 4100*2000*2500mm

Complicated geological conditions: Rock, mud, sand etc.

Drilling mode

Superior hydraulic rotation and propulsion

DTH drilling or mud pumping

Equipped with Hammer 5'',6", 7",8" Medium and high wind pressure series
Tool Winch, Welding machines,Foam pump
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