KG430S/KG430SH Down the hole Drill Rig for Open Use


The KG430S/KG430SH down the hole drill rig for open use is an improved device in compliance with national regulations on diesel-engine emissions. 

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The KG430SH down the hole drill rig for open use is equipped with diesel engine and motor,capable of separate operations. The folding frame track and four-wheel drive are adopted;and the walking motor of plunger piston and track leveling improve the working pressure and climbing capacity. The expanded pitch and lifting-arm hydraulic cylinder enable it to meet the requirements of limiting position.

The doublerotation motor increases the rotary torque and revolving speed;and the lifting hydraulic cylinder and chain are expanded to promote the lifting force and reliability. The thickened profile folder is used for the housing,thus improving its level of intensity and rigidity,and the additional ring makes handling and lifting convenient.

The KG430SH down the hole drill rig for open use is equipped with a dust collector,thus making operation more environment-friendly and reliable.

Detail features

Technical Parameters

Model of drill rig KG430S KG430SH
Weight of complete machine 6000KG 6200KG
Outer dimensions 6700×2200×2700mm 6700×2400×2700mm
Drilling hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter Φ90-152mm
Depth of economical drilling 25m
Rotary speed 0-90rpm
Rotary torque 5000N·m
Lifting force 40KN
Method of Feed Oil cylinder-leaf chain
Feed stroke 3980mm
Travelling speed 0-2.5km/h
Climbing capacity ≤30°
Ground clearance 515mm
Tilt angle of Beam Down: 110°, up: 35°, total: 145°
Swing angle of boom Left: 91°, right: 5°, total: 96°
Pitch angle of drill boom Down: 55°, up: 15°, total: 70°
Swing angle of drill boom Left: 32°, right: 32°, total: 64°
Leveling angle of track ±10°
Compensation length of beam 900mm
Supporting power Yuchai YCD4K80-T302 (58KW/2200r/min)
DTH hammer K40
Drilling rod Φ76×3m
Air consumption 13-20m3/min
Maximum height of horizontal hole 3700mm
Minimum height of horizontal hole 350mm
Recommended Air Compressors
Diesel engine portable screw air compressor: Kaishan LGCY-18/17
Kaishan LGCY-19.5/19
Note: Air compressor selection subject to hole dimameter and air hose length
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