KG610/KG610H Down the hole Drill Rig for Open Use


The KG610H down the hole drill rig for open use is equipped with a dust collector, thus making operation more environment-friendly and reliable.

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The KG610/KG610H down the hole drill rig for open use is an improved device in compliance with national regulations on diesel-engine emissions. Equipped with the Cummins four-cylinder engine (China III), the drill rig meets the national standards for emissions and environment. The folding frame track and four-wheel drive are adopted; and track leveling and the imported walking motor of plunger piston improve the working pressure and climbing capacity. The expanded pitch and lifting-arm hydraulic cylinder enable it to meet the requirements of limiting position. The double-motor is installed to raise the rotary torque and revolving speed; the lifting hydraulic cylinder and chain are expanded to raise the lifting force and reliability. The dust collector is enlarged to produce a better effect on dust collection. The thickened profile folder is used for the housing,thus improving its level of intensity and rigidity; and the additional ring makes handing and lifting convenient.

Brief Parameters

Drilling diameter: Φ105-202mm

Depth of economical drilling: 40m

Feed stroke: 3000mm

Method of Feed: Oil cylinder-leaf chain

Supporting power: Cummins QSB3.9-C125(92KW/2200r/min)

Detail features

(Easy Used Control Panel)

(High torque gyrator)

(Stable hydraulic system)

(Steel track adaptable to all terrains)

Recommended Air Compressors

Diesel engine portable screw air compressor:

Kaishan LGCY-18/17

Kaishan LGCY-19.5/19

Kaishan LGCY-22/20

Technical Parameters

Model of drill rig KG610 KG610H
Weight of complete machine 7100KG 7600KG
Outer dimensions 6700×2250×2850mm 6700×2800×2850mm
Drilling hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter Φ105-202mm
Depth of economical drilling 40m
Rotary speed 0-110rpm
Rotary torque (Max) 5000N·m(Max)
Lifting force 25KN
Method of Feed Oil cylinder-leaf chain
Feed stroke 4010mm
Travelling speed 0-4km/h
Climbing capacity ≤30°
Ground clearance 440mm
Tilt angle of beam Down:135°, up: 50°, total: 185°
Swing angle of beam Left: 40°, right: 40°, total: 80°
Pitch angle of drill boom Down: 55°, up: 25°, total: 80°
Swing angle of drill boom Left: 45°, right: 45°, total: 90°
Leveling angle of track ±8°
Compensation length of beam 900mm
Supporting power Cummins QSB3.9-C125(92KW/2200r/min)
DTH hammer K50
Drilling rod Φ76×3m或Φ89×3m/Φ76×3m or Φ89×3m
Air consumption


Maximum height of horizontal hole 2850mm
Minimum height of horizontal hole 500mm
Recommended Air Compressors
Diesel engine portable screw air compressor:  Kaishan LGCY-18/17
Kaishan LGCY-19.5/19
Kaishan LGCY-22/20
Note: Air compressor selection subject to hole dimameter and air hose length
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