KQ311-XMPTY60/350 Hydraulic Scaling Rig

Model: KQ311-XMPTY60/350

Climbing capacity: ≤14°

Maximum working height: 8.3 m

Maximum working width: 8.8 m

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KQ311-XMPTY 60-350 hydraulic scaling rig is driven by the China stageⅢ diesel engine. It is mainly suitable for scaling operations in tunnels and caves of metal mines and various underground projects.



The folding arm is fitted with the hydraulic hammer and translation mechanism driven by the rotating oil cylinder and it is capable of all-round operations of working surface, top plate, side wall and base plate. Meanwhile, proportion pilot control is applied to the hydraulic system, characterized by flexible manipulation and smooth operations. The equipment can considerably improve the scaling efficiency and safety based on compact structure, excellent mobility, small turning radius and powerful climbing capacity. 

Technical Parameters

XMPTY-60/350 Hydraulic Scaling Rig
Dimensions Length   8800 mm Hydraulic hammer SOOSAN SB30
Width    1750mm Impact energy 350J
Height   2650 mm Impact  frequency 9-16Hz
Weight 12000 kg Drive flow 25-40L/Min
Engine Cummins QSB3.9-C80-31 Working pressure 90-125Bar
Power/ speed 60 kW/2200 rpm Angle of swing arm ±30°
Exhaust purification Exhaust catalyst Pitch angle of translational arm 45°
Drive system Closed hydraulic system for four-wheel driving Lifting angle of mid-arm 60°
Pitch angle of front arm 95°
Swing angle ±6° Pitch angle of hydraulic hammer 120°
Tires 11.00-20 Angle of swing cylinder ±90°
Steering angle ±40° Drill arm expansion and contraction 1200mm
Turning radius (inner/outer) 3150/5610 Maximum working height 8300mm
Travelling braking Wet brake Maximum working width 8800mm
Maximum tramming speed 10km/h Backward angle of cab 15°
Maximum climbing angle 25%(14°) Power of water pump 0.5Kw
Wheelbase 3200mm Flow of water pump 2L/Min
Wheel tread 1400mm Cab lift 400mm
Ground clearance 300mm Lifting safety roof FOPS and ROPS certificate
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