KW280 Water Well Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications: KW280

Equipped Engine: Yuchai 75Kw/2200rpm

Drilling Diameter: 140-305mm

Drilling Depth: 280m

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KW280 Water well drill rig is our hot sale products and have a very good reputation in our customers, in real drilling test, we drill a 203mm diameter, the depth reached to 250 meters, we believe the final depth can reach to 280 meters.


  • Equipped with 75KW Yuchai brand turbocharged engine, strong power.
  • Patented design composite boom, double cylinder lift, long stroke, large tonnage.
  • The main boom of each rig is equipped with a stopper to protect the cylinder.
  • Drilling machine chassis: professional excavator chassis, durable, heavy bearing capacity,wide chain plate, less damage to hard road.

    Technical Parameter

    Model  KW280
    Drilling depth  280m
    Dia.hole φ140-305mm
    Advance Length one time  6.6m
    Working pressure  1.7-3.0MPa
    Air consumption  17-30m³/min
    Length of rod  1.5m,2m,3m,6m
    Dia. Of rod  φ76, φ89,φ102,φ114
    Lifting power  17T
    Rotation torque  3700-5000N.m
    Rotation Speed  45-130r/min
    Diesel Engine  Yuchai
    Engine Power 75Kw/2200rpm
    Travelling speed  0-2.5 Km/h
    Climb capacity  30°
    Weight  7500kgs
    Dimension 5900x1750x2450mm
    Application  Complicated geological conditions:Rock,Mud,Sand etc.
    Drilling Way  Top drive hydraulic rotary and propulsion,Dth Drilling or Mud Pump Driling
    Dth Hammer  4",5",6",8" Drill hammer

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