KL510 Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications: KL510

Rock Drill Model: HC95LQa 24kW

Drilling Diameter: 64-115 mm

Drilling Depth: 25 m

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KL510 hydraulic drilling rig for open use is fitted with the standard drill rod whose diameter reaches 45/38 millimeters, which is capable of drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal blast holes in the range of 64-115 millimeters. It has a wide range of applications in cutting excavation, pipelining, foundation and open-pit mine drilling.



KL510 drilling rig is equipped with a hydraulic top hammer rock drill(24kW) from Europe. With powerful rotary toque, impact power,adequate hole flushing ability and advanced control system, make it perfectly capable drilling in complex rock conditions.

The drilling rig is fitted with the efficient Kaishan screw air compressor. Characterized by energy conservation and environmental protection, our company owns the complete proprietary intellectual property.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Dimensions and weight Hydraulic rock drill Drill boom, advancing beam and rod changer
Transport dimensions (length*width*height) 10500*2450*3200mm Model HC95LQa Lifting of drill boom 94°
Impact  power 24KW Swing of drill boom -18°/50°
Weight 16500kg Impact  pressure 180-200bar Lifting of folding boom 120°
Articulated drill boom and chassis Impact  frequency 48-57HZ Swing angle of Beam -93°/20°;-20°/94°
Ground clearance 430mm Impact  frequency 955Nm Carriage inclination 120°
Frequency modulation angle of track 10° up,10° down Maximum rotary pressure 210bar Compensation stroke 1353mm
Tramming speed 0-3.5km/h Maximum rotary speed 150rpm Stroke of rock drill 4150mm
Climbing capacity 30°
Traction 120kN Shank lubrication Air/oil mist Maximum propelling force 19KN
Power unit Fuel consumption of lubrication 15drops/min Feed Method Motor-roller chain
Engine cummins QSC8.3-C240-30
Number of cylinders 6 Drilling  diameter 64-115mm Depth of economical drilling 25m
Output power 179KW/2200rpm Control system Number of rods 6+1
Drive type Front-rear output Travelling Hydraulic pilot Specification of drill rod T45/T38×3660
Hydraulic pump 2×variable displacement piston pump+2×gear pump Drill boom Hydraulic direct control Thread lubrication of drill rod Pneumatic lubricating pump
Screw air compressor Zhejiang Kaishan Rock drilling Pilot control(electric/hydraulic) Hydraulic system
Capacity of air compressor 8.5m³/min Opening control Stepless Travelling, drilling Load sensing
Air pressure 10bar Impact control Control of shock pressure Filter fineness 10µm
Fuel tank 340L Anti-jamming Electric/hydraulic Cooling capacity Ambient temperature: +50°
Dust-collecting system Voltage 24V, DC Hydraulic oil tank 250L
Capacity of dust collector and vacuum degree 20m³/min; 1000mm water column Cab
Filter element/materia 8/fiber Safety cab Meet the requirements of FOPS and ROPS Seat Adjustable
Filtering area 7m² Indoor noise level Below 85dB(A) Air-conditioning Standard temperature
Power of hydraulic motor 7.5KW Control function Drilling, travelling, movement of drill boom and rod changer Entertainment Radio+MP3
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