Kaishan Information|Alamafa Compressor (China) Co., Ltd. held a new product launch conference

2023-04-13 10:57:46

On April 8, Alamafa Compressor (China) Co., Ltd. held a new product release conference in Lingang, Shanghai, Kaishan Group. Dozens of domestic dealer partners in related industries were invited to attend the release conference. At the meeting, our group officially launched V series and VC series high pressure reciprocating compressors.
According to reports, the VC series is an oil-free high-pressure reciprocating compressor with a discharge pressure of 40 kg (40Barg) and a unit power of 50-490kW. The pressure is 30-400kg (30-400Barg), the unit power is 18.5-132kW, and there are 6 models of products. The design of the unit is derived from the mature technology of LMF Company in Austria, and the design follows the API standard. The design concept of the heavy-duty complete machine can fully meet the long-term continuous operation and adapt to various working conditions. They are two leading high-tech products in China.
LEOBERSDORFER MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH & Co.KG (abbreviation: LMF or Alamafa) is an Austrian compressor company founded in 1850. It is a world-leading company specializing in the manufacture of high-pressure reciprocating compressors for industrial applications and petrochemical Provide professional gas compression solutions in the field. In recent years, the company has been committed to providing key core power equipment for the construction of a “hydrogen energy society”, and has achieved a leading market position.
In April 2016, Kaishan Group Co., Ltd. acquired a 95.5% stake in LMF, and recently took full ownership of the company. The group clearly stated that Kaishan parent company and LMF subsidiary should give full play to their respective advantages and achieve the goal of “1+1>2”. On the manufacturing side, take advantage of Kaishan’s efficiency and cost. Chairman Cao Kejian proposed that LMF should transfer some of the products in its rich “product library” to Chinese factories to make products with the highest cost performance, and then participate in global competition, expanding the LMF market to the world mainly in Europe and the Middle East. For some high-tech products, the core manufacturing can also be kept in the Austrian factory, while part of the labor-intensive manufacturing can be moved to the Shanghai Lingang factory, thereby expanding the sales scale. Today’s press conference is the concrete result achieved under the guidance of this strategy. Chairman Cao also asked dealer partners to follow Kaishan’s development strategy, continue to transform and upgrade, and work together with Kaishan to transform and upgrade from a single air compressor company to a world-leading comprehensive compressor company.

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