KG320 Drilling Rig: Loading and Shipment to Customer

2023-05-06 11:06:05

KG320 Drilling Rig: Loading and Shipment to Customer

Date: May 6, 2023

Our client, a leading provider of mine drilling solutions, recently purchased a KG320 drilling rig from Kaishan manufacturer. The KG320 is a state-of-the-art drilling rig renowned for its advanced features and efficiency. This case study focuses on the loading and shipment process of the KG320 drilling rig to the client’s designated location.

Loading and Shipment Process:


Our client coordinated with the manufacturer to finalize the delivery date and logistics details.
The manufacturer prepared the KG320 drilling rig for transportation, ensuring it was in optimal working condition and adhered to safety regulations.
A team of experienced technicians conducted a final inspection to verify that all components and systems were functioning correctly.
Rigging and Securing:

A specialized rigging team was deployed to the manufacturer’s facility to handle the loading process.
The team used heavy-duty lifting equipment and machinery to carefully lift the KG320 drilling rig onto a flatbed trailer.
To ensure the rig’s stability during transit, the rigging team employed a combination of chains, straps, and braces to securely fasten the rig to the trailer.
The team paid meticulous attention to weight distribution and balance, guaranteeing the rig’s integrity during transportation.

A professional logistics company with expertise in handling heavy equipment was contracted to transport the KG320 drilling rig.
The logistics company assigned a specialized driver who possessed extensive experience in transporting oversized loads.
The driver followed a pre-determined route, taking into account any height, weight, or width restrictions to ensure a smooth and safe journey.
Throughout the transportation process, the logistics company maintained constant communication with client to provide real-time updates on the rig’s progress.

The loading and shipment process of the KG320 drilling rig from the manufacturer’s facility to our client’ designated location was successfully completed. Through meticulous planning, the involvement of specialized rigging teams, and the expertise of a professional logistics company, the drilling rig arrived at its destination safely and without any issues. Our client can now commence operations with their new KG320 drilling rig, benefitting from its advanced features and contributing to their growth and success in the mine industry.

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