KT11 integrated down the hole drill rig

2022-03-21 14:57:32

1.The KT11 integrated down the hole drill rig for open use can drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal holes. mainly used for open-pit mine, stonework blast holes and pre-splitting holes.

2.It is driven by the Cummins China stage3 diesel engine and the two-terminal output can drive the screw compression system and hydraulic transmission system. The drill rig is equipped with the automatic rod handling systemdrill pipe floating joint module, drill pipe lubrication module, drill pipe sticking prevention system, hydraulic dry dust collection system, air conditioning cab,etc,optional drilling angle and depth indication function.

3.Improving the stability to adapt to different conditions with the perfect combination of  speed  and strength.

4.The drilling rig is equipped with automatic unloading rod system and drill rod lubrication module, which can realize single operation and reduce mine operation personnel.

5.Efficient dust collection system, spacious cab, high-powerheating  and air conditioning and high-quality audio equipment provides a high-quality operating environment.

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